Running & Jogging Tracks


highest quality solutions imported from Europe


Running & Jogging Tracks

We provide the highest quality solutions imported from Europe to meet your expectations. A rubberized, synthetic running surface is referred to as an all-weather running track in track and field athletics.

It offers a stable surface on which participants can test their athletic prowess without being constrained by unfavorable weather conditions.

Sandwich System

Synthetic outdoor system for running tracks. It is applied on fine asphalt or smooth, waterproof concrete, without rising humidity issues, beginning with the first layer (base layer) mixed at site, which consists of RECYCLED RUBBER 858 and the polyurethane binder POLAPLAST P13. Second layer (sealing layer) is the colored polyurethane sealing material POLAPLAST P22 on top of the cushion mixture, and third layer (surface layer) the full-PU colored polyurethane material POLAPLAST P20, before broadcasting EPDM granules on top to finish it off. Priming with POLAPLAST P10 precedes the application.

Certified system by WORLD ATHLETICS (former I.A.A.F).

Jogging Track System

Elastic, seamless, flexible coloured flooring, ideal for jogging tracks in total thickness of 18mm. It consists of a shock-pad base of 2 layers. First layer is a mixture of PU BINDER 1118 and RECYCLED RUBBER 858 - SBR granules and the second layer is a flexible, colored mixture of PU BINDER 1118 and EPDM 856 granules. Follows the PU self-leveling coating, POLYSPORT PU 1051 with EPDM DUST as a sealing layer and finally the PU, UV-resistant aliphatic top coating, POLYSPORT 1052, in two crossing layer

Certified system by LABOSPORT Institute.

Sportsground System

Outdoor resilient, medium-hard acrylic flooring system ideal for surrounding areas in sports grounds, cycling tracks, parks, pathways etc. Combination of wet-pour acrylic coatings in total average thickness of 2.2 mm.

Certified system by LABOSPORT Institute.